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Artfully Navigating Life’s Transitions

Your life is your most creative and most important work of art, and you as the artist are shaping it moment by moment by the choices you make and the quality of thought you make those choices with.

Whether you consider yourself to be an artist or not, even in the seemingly little things like random conversations or random thoughts, you are creating and uniquely designing the experience of your life. Your thoughts are the powerful initiator of every action that follows via mind, body, or speech, setting balls in motion for your future experience. This is why mindfulness and awareness of the quality of your thoughts is so very important.

Life is full of transitions. In truth, we are always in a state of transition as each day leads into the next. Some transitions are hugely disruptive and seem to come out of nowhere. Others ease in until one day you realize you’ve landed at a milestone such as marriage, divorce, becoming a parent, children growing up and leaving home; a new job, a job loss; the loss of a loved one; illness, or recovering from an illness.

There are also transitions that simply come from a desire to invite change, or something new into your life. It could be a career change; relocation; a new business; or a change in the quality of your relationships.

What if you had someone you could trust to guide your exploration while you navigate any transition? And what if that trusted guide is you? (It is!)

Your Life is Your Art is an online workshop designed to support you as you shine light on what is presently happening in your life, and as you take stock, clarifying what it is for you that makes your life meaningful.