"When the student is ready,
the master appears..."

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About Janet

Life is filled with chance meetings, and there are some that change your life in the most unexpected ways. I’ll start by telling you about the chance meeting I had with John Cerullo, a publisher and fellow student at a Tibetan Buddhist Center.

It was 2010 when John and I had a conversation about a shared vision to present the Buddhist teachings in such a way that non-Buddhists could benefit...

Praise for Janet's books!

How Generosity Works

"A heartwarming, heart-opening and insightful tale about how acts of kindness and generosity spark a beneficial chain reaction.”

—Jeana from Rhode Island, Amazon.com

How the Root of Kindess Works

"A character driven book that allows the reader to identify with struggles both past and present in the lives of these people…Honest, unforced and luminous.”

—Cathy Gittelson, Amazon.com 

How Patience Works

“…Her wise lessons and refreshing humor help make this book delightful reading.”

— Cliff Johnson, Science of Mind Magazine

Mindfulness Based Coaching

Mindfulness Based Coaching is a collaborative process of exploration that incorporates mindfulness to strengthen the wisdom you already have within you, allowing you to skillfully establish goals, design strategies, initiate steps and achieve your goals.

Latest News

Honored to have been a guest on the Reasonably Catholic program on WESU-FM where I discussed commonalities between Christianity and Buddhism – and really – the thing at the heart of humanity with or without religion: Compassion.

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How Generosity Works – January Book Group

        January Book Discussion Group  with  Janet Ettele  Presented by: Do Ngak Kunphen Ling Tibetan Buddhist Center for Universal Peace We will meet via Zoom on January 16, 23 and 30th from 7:30-8:45PM   Through the art of story, bridging 2600-year-old Buddhist teachings to our contemporary world.…

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